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︎  2019

Unseen Magazine n.6
How We Design Books
Text written by Daria Tumina

Dergreif - Artist Feature

Review by Nelson de Oliveira 

The Best of Mr.Chao - A Futurologist Collection - Lens Culture
Interview by Sophie Wright 

The Best of Mr.Chao - OLD Magazine #75
Interview by Felipe Abreu

︎  2018

Guilherme Gerais - Graduation Show, KASK
Text by Sofie Crabbe / Metropolis M

︎  2015

Intergalático - Photobook Review
Text by Jörg Colberg. Conscientious

Jumping off the Altar/Looking at the Stars.

Text by Colin Pantall

Fotolivro ou Livro de Artista?
Text by Letícia Lampert. Dobras Visuais

Guilherme Gerais - Intergalático
Text by Douglas Stockdale. The Photobook

︎  2014

‘Intergalático’ de Guilherme Gerais
Text by Daigo Oliva. Entretempos, Folha de São Paulo

Book Review: Intergalático
Text by Adam Bell. PhotoEye

Intergalático, by Guilherme Gerais

Text by Christer Ek. Who Needs Another Photoblog